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Album Honey by Brayden Alexander available now!

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Pubblicato da saiuz in Comunicati stampa · 29 Novembre 2020
Album Honey by Brayden Alexander available now!
Genre(s): R&B / Soul / Jazz / Pop
As the world becomes attuned to the extraordinary R&B/Soul superstars Canada has to offer, Toronto’s Brayden Alexander leads the next generation with his debut record "Honey".

Backed by irrepressible beats, his poetically thoughtful lyrical flow dominates the 14 tracks, breathing a new vibrancy into the genre. Incorporating alternative R&B with a deeply introspective rap style, his emotive vocals and songwriting offer a soul-shaking sense of freedom with unique, romantic undertones.

From hopeless romantic to day dreamer, or the rock upon which others can lean - Alexander sings from a place of reality and real-world experience, showcasing a multi-dimensional songwriter hitting his stride.

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